Walking sticks!                             Shaped by nature.

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Welcome to Beaverstixs.net

Our Story...
While hiking one day in 1995, I came across a Beaver hard at work. 
I looked down and saw a  disgarded stick on the ground and thought,
"What a great walking stick this would make!"
So I asked the Beaver, "Hey Beaver, are you done with this stick?" He didn't answer, so I took the stick. Then as i started to walk away, I got another Great Idea. So I turned again and asked the beaver
"Hey Beaver, You wanna' go into business together?"  He didn't answer, he just kept on workin.
So I took that as a yes and turned and left, leaving the beaver hard at work.
Within a week, I received an notice from the U.B.U.A. (United Beavers Union of America) with a proposal of an exclusive contract for a Beaverstix dealership in North America.
Needless to say, after a series of contract negotiations, 
a deal has been agreed upon and Beaverstix.net is open for business!

Whether you have seen one of our sticks floating around, or even met somone hiking with one, 
we would like to welcome you to the official Beaverstix.net online store.
Pardon our progress as we create a website which will allow you to view and select
your very own one of a kind beaver-crafted walking stick.
In the meantime we are taking orders over the phone at 573-353-9281
Ask for Steve from Beaverstix.net
Thank you.

coming soon


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